Top 10 Ugliest MMA Fighters of All-Time

Sometimes the only MMA fighters to get all the limelight in the MMA world are the ones who are great on camera or just plain handsome. Just think Georges St. Pierre. That’s probably for the best when you want to attract new fans and whatnot, but let’s give the other side of the spectrum some love. The fight game can be ugly and that goes along with the fighters. Let me introduce the ugliest fighters of all-time:

1. Yoshihiro Takayama - Heavyweight

You know somebody is ugly when it’s hard to find a good photo of the dude. All of the photos on Google / Bing are small and maybe that’s because no one wanted to document that face. Yoshiro Takayama was the ugliest I’ve ever known. To have a closer look check out this close up.

2. Antonio Silva - Heavyweight

Antonio Silva’s nickname is “Big Foot” and that’s not because he has large feet. That’s probably because of his ridiculously large head and his occasional sightings in Strikeforce. Although he may be ugly, he’s climbed to become one of the best Heavyweights in the world.

3. Wanderlei Silva - Middleweight

Wanderlei Silva used to look like a normal Brazilian during the days of Pride FC, but after his numerous battles — his face suffered. He actually had surgery to remove some of the tissue on his face and he even reconstructed his nose so he can breathe easier. We still love the “Axe Murderer” though.

4. Hong-Man Choi - Heavyweight

Hong-Man Choi is a side show since he’s so huge. He’s over seven-feet tall and repeated fights in both K-1 and MMA events. Just like Antonio Silva, he has an overly large head, but I guess the chicks dig that.

5. Cristiane Santos - Women’s Middleweight

This seems very mean, but I couldn’t leave Cristiane Santos off this list. I’ll give her credit, she’s an amazing Strikeforce Women’s Champion and I don’t think anyone will ever beat her. She’s a beast in the ring, and sadly outside of the ring too.

6. Tim Silvia - Heavyweight

Oh damn, Tim Sylvia makes the list. With his weird looking tattoos, landscaped facial hair and signature mohawk, you can’t leave him off the list. If you do, even Tim will run after me to make the list. Ouch, burn!

7. Matt Lindland - Middleweight

Matt Lindland is the ugly white dude on the list. He has an awkward stance with the deep eyes and a bottom lip that looks like he’s spitting chew during the fight. He won a silver at the Sydney Olympics, but unfortunately that doesn’t make you any more handsome.

8. Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett - Lightweight

Charles Bennett is one of the most colorful personalities in the MMA world. With his antics, smack talk, and crazy behavior during his fights — we was able to gather a nice following. But his thick beard, crazy hair, and gold teeth, he definitely had to make the list.

9. Jeff Monson - Heavyweight

Jeff Monson looks like an overgrown bouncer. Fixed with all the tattoos you can think of and a thick ass skull, he just looks big. He looks scary and a person you wouldn’t want to mess with when walking down the street.

10. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - Heavyweight (tied)
10. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira - Light Heavyweight (tied)

Just like Wanderlei Silva, both Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira have gone through a lot of long battles. It’s funny, when Sylvester Stallone was casting for The Expendables he chose fighters from the Black House camp since they were ugly. The twins are part of that camp.

QUESTION: Are there other uglier MMA fighters?