The 30 Day MMA Challenge

Thanks to Allen Stover, a fellow MMA tumblr dude, we have the 30 Day MMA Challenge. That’s right. 30 days of pure mixed martial arts goodness. It’s pretty good, so definitely participate and remember to tag your posts with #30DayMMA.

  1. Favorite fighter
  2. Least favorite fighter
  3. Favorite knock out
  4. Favorite submission maneuver
  5. Favorite weight division
  6. Favorite female fighter
  7. Favorite promotion
  8. Favorite referee
  9. Favorite commentator
  10. Favorite MMA event “It was well worth the money!”
  11. Least favorite MMA event “F-this, I want my money back!”
  12. First live MMA event you attended
  13. Best fight you have seen live (this can be pro or amateur)
  14. Favorite gym/team…”I want these guys in my corner.”
  15. Least favorite Gym/Team
  16. A dream match
  17. A dream tournament…you get to pick 8 or 16 fighters, the weight class, and what’s at stake.
  18. What would be your entrance theme to the ring or cage?
  19. Favorite entrance
  20. Least favorite entrance
  21. Most underrated fighter
  22. Most overrated fighter
  23. A fighter you would like to see in a movie
  24. If you could have someone watch your back in a bar fight (or movie theater) depending on your age, who would it be?
  25. Favorite quote/trash talking from a fighter
  26. Favorite MMA photo
  27. A future MMA event you would like to go to.
  28. One fighter would have liked to meet
  29. Least favorite match of all time
  30. Favorite match of all time