5 Results for Strikeforce: King Mo vs. Feijao

I had horrible predictions for Strikeforce Houston due to a night of upsets. Black House seems to be breeding champions, and it’s evident with this card alone. Now, Feijao Cavalcante and Jacare Souza joins the likes of Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo in representing Brazil. And other than the inexperienced referees and questionable judging, I thought it was an OK event for Strikeforce. Here are the results for the event:

1. Feijao Cavalcante swarms King Mo with heavy knees and elbows

King Mo Lawal seemed lazy and not motivated. He went to his wrestling and had some great success with a couple of slams against Feijao Cavalcante, but that wasn’t enough. King Mo insisted on trading blows with Feijao and that cost him his Strikeforce Light Heavyweight title. When you strike against a fighter who has more power in his hands and feet due to superior Muay Thai — you know whats going to happen. Feijao’s knees and vicious elbows ended King Mo’s reign.

(-1) Prediction: King Mo Lawal over Feijao Cavalcante

2. Jacare Souza edges Tim Kennedy, but did he really win?

I didn’t think Jacare Souza won, but if you look at the faces — then I think you can give it to him and sometimes I think that’s how judges judge. They don’t watch the fight, they just watch the state of the faces. Tim Kennedy landed more takedowns, and stuffed all the takedowns Jacare tried. Also, he had a better mix of kicks and punches. I hate when fights go to stupid judges.

(-1) Prediction: Tim Kennedy over Jacare Souza

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5 Predictions for Strikeforce: King Mo vs. Feijao

Wow! This is the 4th event in August, and it’s not even over yet. I don’t know if I can handle this. Strikeforce Houston: King Mo vs. Feijao is looking to be a good one, but like all Strikeforce events no one will know about it unless it was on CBS. When you have a Light Heavyweight and Middleweight Championship fight, people should notice. I know I have, so here are my predictions for the event:

1. King Mo Lawal’s wrestling will always win in Strikeforce

King Mo Lawal is a juggernaut when it comes to wrestling. This allows him to actually relaxed and free when he strikes because when the shit hits the fan, he can easily just take his opponent down. That’s why wrestling is the best base in MMA. Feijao Cavalcante will encourage a striking fight, but it’ll end up in the ground with his face pounded in.

Prediction: King Mo Lawal over Feijao Cavalcante via TKO

2. Grappling showcase between Kennedy and Souza

Do you like watching cagework and the ground game? If not, change the channel because that’s all this is going to be. Although, if you’re a fan — it’ll be fun to watch. The transitions, fight for position, and straight submission attempts will be a sight to see. It’ll all come down to conditioning and I think Tim Kennedy has that over Jacare Souza in spades. This is cake compared to what Kennedy does in the army, and that’s why you’ll see his hand raised as the new Strikeforce Middleweight Champion.

Prediction: Tim Kennedy over Jacare Souza via submission

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