5 Results for UFC 130: Rampage vs. Hamill

UFC 130 was a night where certain fighters impressed and others just did their thing. Brian Stann looked to have solidified himself in the Middleweight Division. Travis Browne flies up the Heavyweight Division. Rick Story looks to call another person out. And Demetrious Johnson wins against a former Champion on short notice. A great night of fights.

1. Rampage Jackson dominates Matt Hamill everywhere

Rampage Jackson defeated Matt Hamill in relatively easy fashion. He was able to stuff all 17 takedowns Hamill was able to offer, and with every takedowns there were punches and knees that followed. He made him pay at every point in the fight. I thought it was quite impressive, but does it warrant a fight with Jon Jones. Only Dana White and Joe Silva knows that.

2. Frank Mir defeats Roy Nelson in the battle of cardio

I really thought Roy Nelson was going to come into this fight a bit slimmer, but that was definitely not the case. Although, I thought Frank Mir was going to come in fit as well — which he did look the part. During the fight, you saw both fighters just gas. Mir definitely did the most damage and had the better game plan. I’d like to see Nelson lose some weight to compete better in the Heavyweight Division.

3. Travis Browne channels Superman against Stefan Struve

The battle of the giants: Stefan Struve vs. Travis Browne. I expected this to be a war, and it was looking to deliver until Browne went ahead and did that Superman punch knockout. I had a take a double take when I saw it. If you haven’t seen it, make sure you do. It’s too bad Struve continues to be on wrong side of the highlight reels.

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5 Predictions for UFC 130: Rampage vs. Hamill

UFC 130 was a super stacked card, and you can really see it because after Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard pulled out of the main event due to injuries — the card still looked amazing. There’s a lot of implications here for a lot of the weight divisions.

  • Rampage vs. Hamill looks to be a #1 Light HW Contender matchup
  • Mir vs. Nelson gets a crack at the winner of Dos Santos vs. Carwin
  • Alves vs. Story looks to shake up the Welterweight Division
  • Stann vs. Santiago looks to shake up the Middleweight Division

1. Rampage is evolving as a fighter and will incorporate more wrestling

On paper, this looks to be a perfect for fight for Matt Hamill since he’s a premier wrestler and we all saw what Rashad Evans was able to do to Rampage Jackson with his wrestling. Although, I really don’t see that happening again. Look for Rampage to mix it up and catch Hamill with an uppercut or a knee in the fight to end it.

Prediction: Rampage Jackson via TKO

2. A slimmer Roy Nelson beats Frank Mir everywhere the fight goes

Both Frank Mir and Roy Nelson are premier Heavyweights in the UFC, but this fight is definitely going to rocket one of them back into the Championship picture. I really think Nelson is starting to figure out that he needs to up his game (and lose some weight) to start fulfilling his potential and I think he’s going to do that against Mir. I see this being a grappling match with the clinch and ground game highlighted. Big Country FTW!

Prediction: Roy Nelson via unanimous decision

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5 Results for UFC 120: Bisping vs. Akiyama

UFC 120 really delivered with the last three fights since the first two on the main card were snoozers. It wasn’t a great night for the Brits since 3 of the 4 lost on the main card, but the biggest surprise seems to be the lost by Dan Hardy. I love the kid, but I knew Carlos Condit would bring it, and boy did he ever. Anyways, more thoughts on the fights below:

1. Michael Bisping turns it up another gear against Sexyama

Fight of the night. This is what a main event should look like, a battle back and forth. After being rocked in the first round by Yoshihiro Akiyama, Michael Bisping was able to come back and outpace his opponent the rest of the fight. His striking, mixed with punches and kicks, was really crisp and full of combos all around. That one-two right hand finish seemed to land every single time for Bisping. And it seems Akiyama always gasses out, he really needs to work on his cardio.

(+1) Prediction: Michael Bisping over Yoshihiro Akiyama

2. Carlos Condit shuts up Dan Hardy with a vicious left hook

I told you all not to doubt Carlos Condit. Everyone’s predictions had Dan Hardy winning the fight, so I definitely gain some ground here. The whole first round, Hardy seemed a bit surprised Condit was willing to stand and strike. Then before you know it, right before the round ended, they both go for a left hook and Condit’s lands first. A brutal knockout! Who would have planned that?

(+1) Prediction: Carlos Condit over Dan Hardy

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5 Predictions for UFC 120: Bisping vs. Akiyama

Are you one of the MMA fans bitchin’ about the card for UFC 120? Did you know that it’s free? I for one think this is a good card for free TV, the only gripe I may have is that it isn’t playing live here in the States. I won’t be on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr while the fight is happening — don’t want to spoil it for myself. Here’s my fight predictions:

1. Michael Bisping and Yoshihiro Akiyama put on a show

I don’t see this Main Event being a disappoint like some in the past. Michael Bisping and Yoshihiro Akiyama always bring it when they fight, especially Akiyama. Now training with Greg Jackson, it’ll be interesting to see if Akiyama will be able to last the whole 15 minutes — which has been his reputation not to be able to do. Bisping has been a whole new fighter since he got knocked out by Dan Henderson, there’s a sense of fire in his eye. It really looks like he wants to be a contender, and if he’s able to get past Akiyama in impressive fashion I don’t why he wouldn’t be.

Prediction: Michael Bisping over Yoshihiro Akiyama via decision

2. Carlos Condit shuts up Dan Hardy with his fists

I’m not sure why people are all so down on Carlos Condit, he’s only had one loss to Martin Kampmann (although his wins have been close). I really think Condit is going to surprise Dan Hardy. Hardy’s been talking a lot of smack to hype this up, and I think it’ll bite him in the ass. I see Condit taking Hardy to the ground and getting him in a submission.

Prediction: Carlos Condit over Dan Hardy via submission

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