Weigh-In Photos for UFC 129: St-Pierre vs. Shields

All I have to say is UFC 129 is going to be one of the biggest events in MMA history because (1) there’s over 55,000+ fans watching it live in Toronto, and (2) MMA has been the most popular it’s ever been. Definitely don’t miss this because everyone is going to want to shine during this amazing event.

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1. Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields (UFC Championship Fight)

2. Jose Aldo vs. Mark Hominick (UFC Championship Fight)

3. Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida

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Responses: 5 Predictions for UFC 129

There’s definitely some great predictions out there for UFC 129 and the community definitely voiced their opinions. Just wanted to give responses to some of the answers. Don’t forget to leave your predictions for UFC 129.

franktrigg answered: Very nice, I agree with your statements.

However it goes, it’s going to be an exciting card. Also, WeHeartMMA community — that’s really Frank Trigg! MMA Fighter, co-host of MMAWeekly radio show and TAGG radio show. Go and follow him. :)

prettykittymulu answered: I’m really hoping GSP and Machida both win. They’re two of my favorites period. But any way it goes I know I’ll still enjoy it.

If anything, I just hope the fights live up to the grandeur and hype for UFC 129. 55,000+ fans in one stadium is going to be crazy!

dragyourkeyboardtoagunfight answered: Pff, as if Couture could beat Machida :P Everything else sounds good though ;D

If there’s anyone you shouldn’t count out, it’s Randy Couture.

ceejayc answered: I agree, except the sinking feeling in my stomach that Lyoto might stop Randy. Hoping for Couture by decision, though. Also: Nate Diaz by sub, Daniel Roberts by sub. ;)  F*ck Nate being on the undercard lol

Anything can definitely happen in a fight. I agree, the Nate Diaz vs. Rory MacDonald fight is going to be fireworks. I think it’s going to be Fight of the Night. Although, you can’t really complain — it’s free on Spike. :)

steveisasailor answered: Only Agree with Brilz and Henderson.

The lone prediction having Mark Hominick winning. Good stuff.

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5 Predictions for UFC 129: St-Pierre vs. Shields

The time is now for the biggest UFC fight in company history, literally. Over 55,000+ will witness the largest MMA event in North American history for UFC 129. There’s 10 Canadian fighters fighting in front of them home-country fans, so I see the atmosphere being electric and very, very loud. If there’s any event you’d want your friends to see to get excited about MMA — this would be a great event to hopefully do that.

1. Jake Shields will shock the world again…like he always does.

Jake Shields is going to surprise everyone. I was initially thinking Georges St. Pierre was going to win this fight easily, but something in my gut really changed my mind. It really comes down to Jake Shields overwhelmingly better Brazilian Jui-Jitsu ground game. GSP’s wrestling and striking may be better than Shields, but it only takes one mistake to turn it all around. Shields is going to see that one mistake and he’ll capitalize like he always does. And when that moment comes, the crowd is going to be in shock.

Prediction: Jake Shields over Georges St. Pierre via submission

2. Jose Aldo cancel out Hominick’s strength with his own striking

Mark Hominick definitely has a puncher’s chance to catch Jose Aldo during this fight. His hands are fast and very precise, so if Aldo doesn’t keep the pressure on — I can see Hominick doing some damage. Although, I don’t see Aldo letting up at all. I actually see him pushing the fight like we’ve never seen him before and stifling Hominick’s striking with overwhelming pressure.

Prediction: Jose Aldo over Mark Hominick via TKO

3. Randy Couture shows why he’s still a top 10 Light Heavyweight

The key for Randy Couture in this fight is to get close to Lyoto Machida and stick to him like glue. On the other hand, Machida’s key to this fight is to keep his distance and cause disruptive striking by keeping the distance. Whoever is able to overwhelming fight his game is going to come out on top. With that said, I think Couture is going to implement his game better than Machida will — like he always does.

Prediction: Randy Couture over Lyoto Machida via decision

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Top 10 Best Canadian MMA Fighters of All-Time

UFC 129 is going to be the largest MMA event in North America holding over 55,000+, and it’s going to be in Rogers Centra at Toronto, Canada. Being that there’s 10 Canadian MMA fighters on the UFC 129 card, I think it’s due to show what Canada has been able to produce for MMA. The following are the best Canadian MMA fighters of all-time:

10. Chris Horodecki — Lightweight (16-3)

Chris Horodecki is a young MMA fighter coming out of Canada who’s already made a big splash both in the IFL and the WEC. Look for him to do more damage in the future since he’s only 23 years old.

Notable Wins: Bart Palaszewski, Danny Downes, Ed Ratcliff

9. Jason MacDonald — Middleweight (24-14)

Jason MacDonald helped represent the Canadian flag during the early days of MMA in the MFC and the UFC. This MMA veteran has been able to keep himself relevant in the MMA game and will continue his second stint in the UFC.

Notable Wins: Bill Mahood, Joe Doerksen, Chris Leben, Vernon White

8. Denis Kang — Middleweight (34-12-2-2)

Denis Kang has built his MMA resume over seas in Japan. Considered one of the most underrated fighters coming out of Canada, he’s a Brazilian Jui-Jitsu blackbelt with heavy hands. He hasn’t been able to get the wild success he’s had in the past here in the States, but he continues to string along wins.

Notable Wins: Murilo Rua, Akihiro Gono, Marvin Eastman

7. Sam Stout — Lightweight (16-6-1)

Sam Stout always brings the fight, and never backs down to anyone. When you come to watch “Hands of Stone” he’s going to put on a show, where he’s won 5 UFC Fight of the Night bonuses. During his UFC career, he’s had some great wins over top contenders and looks to climb the mountain again.

Notable Wins: Matt Wiman, Joe Lauzon, Paul Taylor

6. Carlos Newton — Welterweight (15-14)

Carlos Newton is one of those MMA fighters who’s fought all the best fighters during his era and always put on a good fight. Newton has dubbed his personal fighting style— a combination of traditional Jujutsu, Judo and Wrestling —”Dragon Ball Jujutsu”. 

Notable Wins: Pat Militich, Renzo Gracie, Shonie Carter

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