Which fighter impressed you more at UFC 131?

I was super satisfied with UFC 131. It was a great card up and down, and despite losing the main event fight in Brock Lesnar vs. Junior Dos Santos — it was pretty exciting to see how Dos Santos was able to handle a legit heavyweight in Shane Carwin. Along with the main event, there were many other standouts at UFC 131.

1. Junior Dos Santos He showed everyone why he’s considered one of the premier boxers in the UFC. Halfway through the first round, you can just see him get more and more comfortable and it spelled bad news for Carwin. Along with his superior striking, you saw a glimpse of his takedown defense and even when he was taken down — he popped right up. This fight solidified his status as the #1 Heavyweight Contender.

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5 Questions for UFC 131: Dos Santos vs. Carwin

1. Who’s power will win in the battle of the Heavyweights?

Both Junior Dos Santos and Shane Carwin carry dynamite in their hands, some heavier than others and some quicker than others. This is probably a fight I don’t know who’s going to win. I really think it’s a matter of game plans. If Dos Santos is able to keep his distance and pick Carwin apart with his speed, he’ll win the fight. Although, now if Carwin is able to bully Dos Santos and get a hold of him — that’ll be bad news for Cigano. I can’t wait.

2. Will the weight cut affect Kenny Florian’s performance?

Kenny Florian came into the UFC as a Middleweight and has slowly become the vanishing man by moving down to nearly all of the weight classes: Welterweight, Lightweight, and now Featherweight. That’s a huge difference and granted he was able make the cut yesterday, but on fight night — will he be too dehydrated? Will he be able to bring his strength down to the lower weight class? Diego Nunes is a huge test — definitely not an easy test.

3. Is this Mark Munoz’s coming out party against Demian Maia?

Demian Maia is a legit Top 10 Middleweight, and it’s going to be a huge test for Mark Munoz. For a person who’s pedigree is in wrestling, you’d assume he’d like to take it to the ground, but that’s where Maia’s most dangerous. Now, will both working hard on their striking — who’s going to win that battle? If Mark can bring the power he’s shown in the past, this could rocket him up the rankings quick.

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